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Vice Media reporter Ben Makuch leaves Ontario Superior Court in Toronto on Feb. 29.Colin Perkel/The Canadian Press

A Canadian news outlet is asking an appeal court to throw out a ruling forcing one of its journalists to give the RCMP records of interviews he did with an accused terrorist.

Documents filed this week show Vice Media also wants the Ontario Court of Appeal to allow publication of the information police relied on to get their order for the records.

"This appeal raises issues concerning one of the hallmarks of a democratic society – a free and independent press," the appeal application states.

"Journalists' ability to pursue the truth without fear of reprisal or interference is essential to every facet of Canadian life."

Vice argues that the RCMP demand would have a "detrimental chilling effect" on journalism in Canada if it is allowed to stand.

Last month, Superior Court Justice Ian MacDonnell ordered Vice and reporter Ben Makuch to turn over background materials related to stories about Farah Shirdon.