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Big names in Canadian politics who lost their election races

Ruby Dhalla, Liberal candidate for Brampton-Springdale, holds a news conference in Brampton, Ont., Wednesday, April 27, 2011.


It was a historic election that saw two party leaders lose their seats. With the New Democratic Party picking up a massive amount of seats in Quebec and the Liberals ceding ground in many traditional strongholds, the landscape has shifted.

Here is a list of some of the high-profile incumbents who lost their seats after the federal election.

Michael Ignatieff - Etobicoke Lakeshore: The Liberal Leader lost in seat to the Conservatives by almost 3,000 votes. See the results

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Gilles Duceppe - Laurier - Sainte Marie: The Bloc Leader was a victim to the NDP surge. See the results

Lawrence Cannon - Pontiac: The Foreign Affairs Minister lost to his NDP challenger by more than 8,000 votes. See the results

Gary Lunn - Saanich - Gulf Islands: The Tory minister lost to Green Party leader Elizabeth May See the results

Jean-Pierre Blackburn - Jonquière—Alma: The Minister of Veterans Affairs was targetted by the Bloc, but it was the NDP that took the riding. See the results

Josee Verner - Louis-Saint-Laurent: The Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs also lost to the NDP See the results

Ken Dryden - York-Centre: The Liberals pulled all the stops to try to save Ken Dryden's seat, including an appearance by former prime minister Jean Chretien, But Mark Adler, benefitting from strong support within the riding's large Jewish community, won by more than 6,000 votes. See the results

Ujjal Dosanjh - Vancouver-South: The former premier of British Columbia lost to the Conservatives by almost 4,000 votes. See the results

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Gerard Kennedy Parkdale-High Park: The former Liberal leadership contender fell to the NDP, losing by more than 7,000 votes. See the results

Joe Volpe Eglinton-Lawrence: The long-time Liberal seat went Conserative in what used to be firmly Liberal Toronto as Mr. Volpe lost by more than 4,000 votes. See the results

Ruby Dhalla - Brampton-Springdale: The 'star' Liberal candidate was crushed, losing by more than 10,000 votes. See the results

Siobhan Coady - St. John's South - Mount Pearl: Siobhan Coady won the historically Conservative seat in 2008 for the Liberals amid an anti-Tory mood but was unable to consolidate victory in this race. She was thrashed by New Democrat Ryan Cleary. See the results

Brian Murphy - Moncton - Riverview - Dieppe: A former mayor of Moncton and two-term New Brunswick MP, lost in a three-way race to the Conservatives. See the results

Helena Guergis - Simcoe-Grey: The former Conservative who was running as an independent came in a distant third. See the results

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Dona Cadman - Surrey North: The wife of deceased MP Chuck Cadman lost to the NDP. See the results

Martha Hall Findlay - Willowdale: The former Liberal leadership candidate was pegged a 'strong Liberal' but lost by 1,000 votes to the Conservatives. See the results

Dan McTeague - Pickering-Scarborough East: The long-time Liberal lost to the Conservatives by more than 1,100 votes. See the results

Mark Holland - Ajax-Pickering: The three-time incumbent lost to his Conservative challenger, former diplomat Chris Alexander, by more than 3,200 votes. See the results

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