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Canadian Armed Forces members from 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron, Bagotville embark a CC-150 Polaris tanker headed to Romania on April 29, 2014 in Bagotville, Quebec as part of Canada’s contribution to NATO’s reassurance measures in order to promote security and stability in Eastern and Central Europe.Caporal Jean-Roch Chabot

The Conservative government is preparing to keep Canadian warplanes on a NATO mission in Romania for another three months and possibly until late 2014, military purchasing documents indicate.

The government has declined to give Canadians a timeline for its new military commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's reassurance mission in Europe, a deployment intended to safeguard NATO's European members anxious over Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

NATO's top military commander in Europe recently said he's been tasked for an operation that lasts until the end of the year.

But the Canadian government says it's made no decision on the length of Canada's military deployment to Romania, which currently includes six CF-18 Hornets and about 220 support


But new records show Ottawa is making plans to station military planes in Romania until at least August and possibly an additional three months.

The federal government Wednesday posted a notice of proposed procurement for the supply and delivery of bulk aviation fuel to Romania. The deadline for responses to a Canadian government contact in Germany is May 26.