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Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, along with Green candidates and supporters, kicks off her election campaign from the Mary Winspear Community Centre in Sidney, B.C., Sunday August 2, 2015.CHAD HIPOLITO/The Canadian Press

Green party leader Elizabeth May says she already has problems with the federal election – and it's less than 24 hours into the race.

May says it's unfair of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call the election so early because the 11-week-long campaign will cost taxpayers millions and give the Conservatives an unfair advantage.

She's also upset NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has said he will not participate in leaders debates that Harper is not attending, saying Canadians deserve to hear from all of the party leaders.

The Green party leader kicked off her campaign with a rally in her home riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands Sunday before heading to Vancouver to participate in the Pride parade.

May says she can't think of a better way to celebrate the start of a campaign than marching down the street celebrating equality and having hundreds of people chant your name.

In 2011, May made history by becoming the first-ever Green party elected to the house, and while she doesn't expect to form government come October, she says her party will have an important role to play in the new Parliament.