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Tim Powers

Iggy sells his arrogance Add to ...

So the Liberal ads are out. Others can do the content analysis. What I am interested in is Liberal Party National Director Rocco Rossi's spin on what they are supposed to do. Rossi told CTV earlier today, "All we're trying to do is show Canadians what we in the Liberal party already know, that Michael Ignatieff is a different kind of leader, a world-class leader."

Michael Ignatieff has been leader of the Liberal Party of Canada for nine months and he is a "world-class leader"? It raises the question: what do they drink, other than their own bath water, at Liberal HQ?

Rossi's job is to be a cheerleader for his team and on that count he is very good. But why oh why would he frame his leader as super-star, set high expectations and most offensively portray the Liberals again as an arrogant self-important lot? Perhaps the DNA of Liberal self-interest is just too powerful to repress.

Iggy the "world-class leader" has in his nine months of leadership supported a coalition with the socialists and separatists, promised to raise taxes on occasion, abandoned EI reform and cancelled his trip to China after talking endlessly about the importance of that travel. Seems more like the behaviour of a house leaguer than the No. 1 draft pick.

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