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  (Courtesy Jason Loo)


(Courtesy Jason Loo)

The Pitiful Human-Lizard battles Rabb the Malevolent in Toronto-based comic Add to ...

Local comic artist Jason Loo is in the final stages of creating a new series, set in Toronto, that features an underdog superhero who has no superpowers - the Pitiful Human-Lizard.

"The superhero I’m trying to promote here, he’s not like your conventional heroic superhero like Captain America or Iron Man," Mr. Loo says.

"He has a lot of flaws and limitations, which makes him relatable to the audience. He’s just this average guy who’s just a thrill-seeker after his 9-to-5 day job." (Read the full Q&A.)

When he first created the pitiful hero, Mr. Loo didn’t expect the overwhelming support he’s received. During a 30-day crowd-funding campaign in March, Mr. Loo received more than $6,000, surpassing his goal by $1,500. The money will pay for the production of a 52-page first issue due to come out this spring.

Here are six of the characters from the world of the Pitiful Human-Lizard. One of the villains is even a familiar face.

Courtesy Jason Loo

Pitiful Human-Lizard

Lucas Barrett is an office clerk by day and a struggling superhero by night and on weekends. With an apartment in Parkdale and a 9-5 job in the Financial District, he relies on the 501 streetcar to take him into the city. Lucas still has the luxury to talk to his parents and see them on a weekly basis, unlike other superheroes who share a common theme of lost family members.
Courtesy Jason Loo

Hugh and Lauren Barrett

Lucas's parents, Hugh and Lauren, were notable Torontonians during their heyday. They presently live the retired life in Queen's Quay and enjoy staying in touch with Lucas.
Courtesy Jason Loo

Rabb the Malevolent

This villain, the likeness of a certain Toronto politician, tries to take down Honest Ed's. Says Rabb: "Honest? Honest they say? I say ripoff!" 
Courtesy Jason Loo

Johnny Bodyrocks

Johnny Bodyrocks is an obnoxious club-goer that frequents the city's club district and later transforms into one of the Human-Lizard's toughest foes.
Courtesy Jason Loo

Majestic Rat

The hipster guardian from the sewers of Toronto, the Majestic Rat commands a legion of rats and a couple of alligators as his trusted escorts.
Courtesy Jason Loo

Mother Wonder

An amazingly powerful superhero and full-time mother of three. She sets the bar high for the Human-Lizard and Majestic Rat as guardian of Toronto.
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