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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford violated conflict-of-interest rules in relation to his football foundation, a judge ruled in declaring the office of Mayor vacant in a decision on Nov. 26. Ontario Provincial Judge Charles Hackland ruled Mr. Ford acted wrongly when he voted with city council to scrap a fine he had incurred for accepting donations for his football foundation from lobbyists. However, the judge suspended Mr. Ford’s removal from office for 14 days to allow for administrative changes. Mr. Ford vowed to appeal the ruling.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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London Mayor Joe Fontana is facing criminal charges over allegations he used federal funds to help pay for his son’s wedding reception. Mr. Fontana was charged with fraud, breach of trust and uttering a forged document on Nov. 21. The charges date back to 2005, when Mr. Fontana was a Member of Parliament.Dave Chidley/The Canadian Press

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Gilles Vaillancourt, Laval’s “mayor for life”, resigned his office after 23 years on Nov. 9. He became weakened by a succession of investigative news reports, sworn commission testimony and police operations, which cast a light on doubtful ethical practices. Construction entrepreneur Lino Zambito testified before the Charbonneau Commission that companies paid a 2.5-per-cent cut on construction contracts directly to Mr. Vaillancourt.Christinne Muschi/The Globe and Mail

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Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay stepped down under pressure on Nov. 5. The move came after construction entrepreneur Lino Zambito testified at the Charbonneau inquiry that he was part of a collusion system that gave 3 per cent of city contracts’ value to Mr. Tremblay’s party, with city engineers and the mob also getting a cut.MATT DUNHAM/The Associated Press

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Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly announced in February that he would not seek re-election, saying public life had taken a toll on his marriage and personal life. The move came after criticism that city council under Mr. Kelly had become dysfunctional and secretive as well as allegations relating to his handling of the estate of a long-time elderly friend.PAUL DARROW/The Globe and Mail

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