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Kitchen in the home of Barry Calhoun and Teresa Comeau. Design by Kelly Deck Design. A galley-style kitchen running along the east wall of the space, with a 12-foot island down the centre that incorporates a dining zone for six.Photos by Barry Calhoun

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Owners Barry Calhoun and Teresa Comeau enjoy entertaining so their kitchen was revamped to make hosting parties easier.Barry Calhoun

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My preference is to always try and conceal any dishwasher or refrigerator by using built-in models, but a decent-sized built-in fridge, at counter depth, starts at $6,000. By comparison, standard depth, stainless steel options are a more reasonable $2,500 and under. So in this case, we selected a sleek conventional model and tucked it into the far corner.Barry Calhoun

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Barry and Teresa’s home has lofty 10-foot ceilings on the main floor, and we knew we had to capitalize on this height. In the kitchen, it meant designing the cabinetry to meet the ceiling. This not only enhances the grandeur of the room, it also provides extra storage for seasonal dishware, vases and miscellaneous extras.Barry Calhoun

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With a high ceiling, it’s nice to add a ceiling drop that breaks up the white plane and adds visual interest. Here we designed a simple drywall box with the same dimensions of the island, and recessed a centre section that holds the canopies for black barn-style pendant lights.Barry Calhoun

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The average countertop overhangs three-quarter inches. But to make the most of a tight space, the overhang was eliminated and replaced by a three inch chunky countertop that was flush with the cabinet doors. Standard hardware was also ditched in favour of notched out handles.Barry Calhoun

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The kitchen now opens naturally onto the living room, making it easy to cook and entertain while guests gather around the island. It also allows ample room for appliances and storage.Photos: Barry Calhoun

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