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The property at 142 Vine Ave. in the Junction was purchased by TAS.TAS

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The building at 142 Vince Ave. is one of three locations TAS is looking to redevelop.TAS

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Scarborough's Milne Ave. is located close to Lake Ontario.TAS

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Scarborough's 55 Milne Ave. still has all its industrial fixings.TAS

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55-61 Milne Ave. sports over 12,000 square metres of high-ceilinged indoor space on three hectares of land.TAS Design Build

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55 Milne Ave. is poised to become a community gathering space featuring small business, artisans and artists, and social enterprises and non-profits.TAS Design Build

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In the words of Jane Jacobs, 55 Milne Ave. is an old building that is just begging to be filled with new ideas.TAS Design Build

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Milne Ave. features plenty of long, low, industrial buildings, surrounded by immense seas of asphalt.TAS Design Build

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The building at 772 Warden Ave. in Scarborough was purchased by TAS.TAS Design Build

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Scarborough's 772 Warden Ave. will be repurposed for small businesses.TAS Design Build

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