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Don't overplan
A day in which you follow through on 100 per cent of what you planned is rare, says productivity coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders. Accomplishing 60 to 70 per cent is a good day, as well as knowing you made the right decisions on investing your time based on available data. Harvard Business Review

Manage the future, not the past
CEOs need to manage the future, not the past, but spend much of the time immersed in historical data. Instead, private equity chief executive Joel Trammell says they should improve sales forecasts (bonuses reflecting accuracy might help) and focus the leadership team in meetings on whether they will achieve the quarter's goals.

Zero-based budgeting
Zero-based budgeting – starting the budgeting process with a blank sheet rather than historic figures and justifying every expense – is making a comeback. The number of companies mentioning it on quarterly earnings calls rose from 14 in 2013 to a projected 90 this year. Proponents include Alcoa Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., and Jarden Corp. McKinsey & Company

Pause before you hit "Send"
Short e-mail messages shouldn't be overly quick or thoughtless. Give them an extra review to ensure clarity.

Tech Tip
To copy the format of text in a Microsoft Word document and apply it to another section of text, select the text whose format you want to copy and press shift+Ctrl+C. Then select the section to change and press Shift+Ctrl+V. Allen Wyatt's WordTips

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