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This is the latest news and information for workers and managers from across the Web universe, brought to you by Monday Morning Manager writer Harvey Schachter. Follow us on Twitter @Globe_Careers or join our Linked In group.

Time flies as the year ends

Consultant Frances Biernacki says time will seem to fly in coming weeks as we approach the end of the year. Accept the feeling of time accelerating, plan what you can finish by the end of December, and celebrate that the year went fast because you accomplished a lot. Clear Concept

Profit and share are not the same

Profitability does not always equal market share. Management professor Michael Roberto points to smartphones, where Apple holds 14 per cent of the market and 94 per cent of profits, while other smartphones hold about 86 per cent of the market but only 6 per cent of profits. Prof Michael Roberto's Blog

Persuasion is hard for good reason

To persuade others – in an argument or marketing – entrepreneur Seth Godin says we must appeal to the other person's world view, connecting to their beliefs. The reason some people find it so hard to do so is because they feel manipulative or insincere voicing an opinion that is not their own. Seth's Blog

Think job, not title on LinkedIn

Ghostwriter Bruce Kasanoff says if the purpose of LinkedIn is to create opportunity, simply describing your current job is a missed opportunity. Concisely and sharply, in six words or less, create a tag line saying what you want to do – if it's what you already do, so much the better. LinkedIn

Reboot frequently to speed your PC

If your computer is sluggish, try rebooting more frequently – perhaps once a day, when you head off to lunch, productivity writer Mark Shed says. The reboot clears things out so you aren't wasting resources on things that don't need to be running but were used since the last reboot. Productivity501

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