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Take 30 seconds to state your definition of success – out loud. Leadership coach Chris Stricklin asks whether it included money, stature or fame? Do you think you will be happy when you achieve success? Too often we fail to clarify personal success yet it's important to define and measure it.

Give people a reason to call

Businesses are hanging up on voice mail, with JPMorgan Chase employees recently choosing to cut it over other budget restraints. But while it's around, Alberta consultant Mike Kerr suggests ending your message with the setup to a great joke and leaving the punch line for the return call. Humor At Work E-zine

Spinning your wheels? Try 'monk mode'

Author Greg McKeown recommends trying "monk mode" to get work done: Shutting the world off for a few hours to give yourself uninterrupted time for a project. He had an auto-response to e-mails explaining why he couldn't respond "in the manner I would like" and didn't get a single negative reaction.

Millennials don't all like the same things

Stop designing for millennials, say strategists Timothy Morey and Allison Schoop of Frog Design, since like all generational cohorts, they have as much that divides as unites them. Instead, design for archetypes that are representative of certain attitudinal and behavioural traits, and combine those with social, market and technology trends. Harvard Business Review

Change the arrow on desktop shortcuts

If you dislike the arrow in the corner of shortcuts on your desktop, you can remove them with Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor, a little program that allows you to pick another arrow (like the smaller classic one) or none. Online Tech Tips

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