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BA's new ad campaign gives customers another reason to watch the skies.

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British Airways wants its prospective customers to watch the friendly skies.

The airline has put up digital video billboards in the U.K. featuring a young child who points at the sky each time one of its planes flies overhead.

The billboards are programmed with real-time flight information, so the message on the billboard will show onlookers where each flight is coming from or headed to.

The innovative campaign, created by ad agency Ogilvy 12th Floor, brings a bit of magic to ads for air travel – and is designed to make surprised passers-by stop for a moment and daydream about a destination.

They also use digital technology to inject something new into a very old advertising form – outdoor posters and billboards. Companies who own these types of ad vehicles have been trying lately to promote the medium as a powerful tool to speak to consumers.