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Behind the scenes at Jelly Modern Doughnuts

When sisters Rita and Rosanne Tripathy opened Jelly Modern in Calgary in April 2011, they wanted to reinvent the doughnut with sophisticated, imaginative flavours and high quality, local ingredients. Step into Jelly Modern's kitchen to see how executive pastry chef Grayson Sherman brings his ideas to life

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Inside the cheerful interior of Jelly Modern Doughnuts, located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta

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Rita and Rosanne Tripathy are the co-owners of Jelly Modern Doughnuts. The sisters share a passion for baking and a love of supporting their local community

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Grayson Sherman is the executive pastry chef at Jelly Modern

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Ever doughnut is handmade and hundreds are made every hour

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When the doughnuts aren’t baked and glazed, they’re like brioche bread, said Rosanne Tripathy

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Jelly Modern’s goal is to reinvent the doughnut with grown-up flavours

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Hundreds of doughnuts are made every hour

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The menu changes on a daily basis, but Mr. Sherman says they also give customers the option to customize their flavours

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Putting the finishing touches on a delectable tray of carrot cake doughnuts

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Every doughnut is individually dipped and decorated

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S’more flavoured doughnuts await their fluff, marshmallow and graham cracker crumb topping

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Delicious decorated doughnuts - including s’mores and coconut - wait behind the glass.

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While the menu is ever-changing, some flavours - like the maple bacon and the madagascar bourbon vanilla - are constant favourites.

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Happy birthday Jelly Modern! The gourmet doughnut bakery cafe celebrated its first birthday with a contest doughnut creation contest. Winners included goat’s cheese, mint and orange zest as well as vanilla almond

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A tempting tray of birthday cake doughnuts decorated in beautiful variations of white.

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