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Take a closer look at how the winery produces its 'Frozen on the Vine'

A winter view of Georgian Hills Vineyards in The Blue Mountains, Ont.ROBERT KETCHIN

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A landscape view of the vineyard in winter. It produces a wine that meets all of the standards of being an ice wine but one, so it can't officially label its product 'ice wine.'ROBERT KETCHIN

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Vidal blanc grapes on the vine, growing under protective netting.ROBERT KETCHIN

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Another view of the grapes. Vidal blanc are the same grapes that line several vineyards in the Niagara region, the most popular area where ice wine is made.ROBERT KETCHIN

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Harvesting time: Georgian Hills retail manager and assistant wine maker Vanessa McKean picks grapes.ROBERT KETCHIN

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Volunteers pick the frozen grapes.ROBERT KETCHIN

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Checking the temperature: Harvesting and crushing of the grapes occurs at a temperature between -8 and -12 degrees CelsiusROBERT KETCHIN

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Georgian Hills retail manager and assistant wine maker Vanesssa McKean fills a basket press with frozen grapes.ROBERT KETCHIN

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The basket press, where the grapes are pressed.ROBERT KETCHIN

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The juice from the grapes pours from a basket press into a pail, which is then taken to fermentation tanks.ROBERT KETCHIN

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Head wine maker Lindsay Puddicombe with the fermentation tanks. The wine is then bottled.ROBERT KETCHIN

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Bottles of Georgian Hills Vineyards’ 'Frozen on the Vine' dessert wine.JULIE CARD, LEFT; ROBERT KETCHIN

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