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Winners of Algonquin Outfitters' photo contests

Algonquin Outfitters has been running contests year-round since 1998: three photo competitions a year, an annual video contest, and frequent sweepstakes and giveaways, often using donated promotional goods. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, AO is also running a Live Your Adventure contest with over $10,000 in prizes. To enter, visit and use the promo code AO50GM.

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'Spring Flight' is one of several entrants the current photo contest celebrating 'Algonquin's New Arrivals.'

Paul Kelly

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The first place winner of AO's Fall photo contest: 'Morning Mist Paddle,' which shows a paddler in the morning mist just off of Lake of Two Rivers Beach.

Steve Kovacs

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Second place goes to 'Worth the Hike' which shows the Centennial Ridges Trail.

Kalynn Hall

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Third prize goes to 'Fall in the park, Fall Stream.'

Nathan Miller

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The winner of this past photo contest is titled 'My Two Loves: My wife and My Algonquin.' The photographer says: "my favorite Algonquin memories are of times spent with my wife canoeing the quiet waters of our favorite place. Here, the morning sun adds its glow to the moment. On this route we have seen bear, beaver and moose -- all in one morning. We have also canoed quietly past a loon sitting on its nest and the almost always present great blue herons."

Chuck Hammill

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This photo of an American Martin at Mew Lake is called 'Campsite visitor.'

James Bekkers

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This winning photo is titled 'Dawn light.'

Paul Bruch

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'Rutting Bull' shows a blue moose in the meadow.

Steve Elms

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This winning photo, titled 'Perfect Day,' shows what the perfect paddle looks like on Kearney Lake, Algonquin Park.

Glenn Schwendinger

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This winning photo is titled 'Innocent.'

Kerry Hayden

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'Ice Toad Stools' at the top of Ragged Falls are created by swirling water, says the photographer of this winning photo.

Wilbur Blackman

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