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Lunch meeting: The euro crisis just got a whole lot worse

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The euro crisis just got a whole lot worse What Europe really needs is a return to free-floating sovereign currencies, says the Telegraph.

Facebook stock is underperforming in imaginary markets Seriously. Here are three possible reasons. And for the record, Buffett's not buying it.

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Thank goodness it's (not last) Friday Financial Post's Barry Critchley on why Trapeze Asset Management will have a better Friday this week than Friday last week.

Manulife One could be "collateral damage" Ottawa's efforts to rein in the mortgage market are forcing Manulife Financial Corp. to move toward tighter lending to consumers.

Royal Bank of Scotland off to a strong start RBS reports improved first-quarter earnings, says it's close to repaying all its government-backed emergency loans.

A kinder, gentler vampire squid Goldman Sachs attempts a PR makeover, but lacks a new story to tell.

Thinking of getting into investment banking? DON'T DO IT. A disillusioned Wall Streeter explains why you can never make enough money.

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