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Joanna Wnuk

Can't-miss stories from the web

Nasdaq's second-quarter results release made no mention of the Facebook IPO debacle or the resulting shareholder compensation plan. The conference call, however, was a different story.

China's economy has achieved 'soft landing': IMF
The IMF has proclaimed a Chinese soft landing, while cautioning that more sweeping reforms are needed to ensure healthy growth in the longer term.

Harper keeps cards close on CNOOC
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has welcomed investment from Chinese and other state-owned companies in Canada's vast oil and gas resources. But his government is giving no answer to the question that is suddenly on the minds of investors and energy executives: How much foreign control would be too much?

France, Spain call for more ECB action
European officials are scrambling to assure their support for Spain, even as they warn Greece is falling well short of the austerity commitments required for rescue money to keep flowing to Athens.

European Commission to criminalize interest rate manipulation
Libor-related antics have embarrassed European officials enough to proclaim that the banks are incapable of regulating themselves.

Barclays compensation chief resigns
Alison Carnwath, head of the firm's compensation board committee, has resigned, citing undisclosed personal reasons.