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Canada’s Olympic synchronized swimmers gear up for practice at the Olympic Pool in Montreal. The training day typically starts early at 6:00 a.m., and they train until late afternoon six days a week.Christinne Muschi

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Members of the women's synch swim laugh together during practice in Montreal. They are keeping their Olympic routines under wraps until shortly before the Games. They have only recently released some details about music and themes.Christinne Muschi

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The swimmers huddle in front of a television screen several times of day to view video of their performance, as head coach Julie Sauvé instructs them on corrections.Christinne Muschi

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The team members dive into the pool hand-in-hand.Christinne Muschi

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The swimmers work on their artistry and timing.Christinne Muschi

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The swimmers review video from acrobatics coach Luc Belhumeur as he teaches them how to put more wow into their aerial highlights. They will perform a circus-themed team free routine to music from Cirque du Soleil but have not yet let cameras capture the real movements from their routine.Christinne Muschi

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Above the surface, we see smiles and grace. Below the surface, the women perform the egg-beater motion, legs circulating furiously to keep the head and torso high above the water.Christinne Muschi

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The women skull their arms rapidly while holding a stance upside down as their legs kick above the surface in perfect unison.Christinne Muschi

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Acrobatics coach Luc Belhumeur videotapes as the women toss flier Stefanie Durocher into the air. Belhumeur comes from the world of freestyle skiing, having coached aerialist Alexandre Bilodeau to Olympic gold.Christinne Muschi

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The 12 women training for Canada’s Olympic synchro team huddle together. Only eight will actually perform in the team competition in London.Christinne Muschi

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