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Russian police perform security checks on a journalist at the entrance of church during Orthodox Epiphany celebrations in Sochi, January 19, 2014.ALEXANDER DEMIANCHUK/Reuters

The Canadian Olympic Committee wants more than medal performances at the Sochi Games. It wants its athletes and support staff to be safe as threats of a terrorist attack continue to escalate in Russia.

The COC issued a statement Tuesday saying it expects "a top quality Olympic Winter Games" in Sochi and that Canada has taken measures to protect its 2014 contingent as much as possible.

"The COC works very closely with the RCMP, Sochi and Russian security agencies, medical and government partners in the months and years leading up to the Games to ensure the entire team remains safe throughout the Games," the statement said. "As with each Olympic Games, our safety and security measures are always adapted as required."

More than 40,000 soldiers and police officers have been assigned to Sochi amid growing fears of suicide bombings, such as the two that recently targeted a train station and a bus in Volgograd killing dozens of people. With its heavy on-site presence of armed guards, Sochi has already been dubbed "the maximum security Games."