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Toronto FC defender Mark Bloom plays a pass during a match against the Seattle Sounders at BMO Field on July 2, 2016.Dan Hamilton

In the wake of hosting international rugby and CFL football, BMO Field's pitch got a thumbs up from Toronto FC coach Greg Vanney after his MLS team returned home.

"I thought it was very good," Vanney said after Toronto's 1-1 tie with the Seattle Sounders on Saturday night.

"Usually I take my cues on whether the guys are complaining or not complaining. I didn't hear one word about it," he added. "It looked to play great. The ball rolled nicely."

Vanney said the pre-game report from the groundskeepers was that the field was in good condition and while there were a few areas where the grass was thin, they likely wouldn't notice it.

"I'd say we probably didn't notice it," Vanney said.

Some soccer fans, unhappy at seeing a soccer-specific stadium open to yet more sports, expressed concern prior to the season that the arrival of the CFL's Argonauts would take its toll on the grass surface.

The stadium has been put through its paces recently with the Argonauts' home opener on June 23, followed by Canada-Italy rugby on June 26.

During the rugby game, three days after the Argonauts opener, there was noticeable wear on the west side of the field where the CFL benches were. But that section of the field looked close to pristine six days later for TFC's game.

There was also no signs of the lines for football or rugby. Groundskeepers started to erase the extraneous lines minutes after the rugby test match ended.

Vanney says the smooth transition bodes well for the future.

"That was the busiest two weeks between football and rugby and some other events and the field held up beautifully," Vanney said. "So I think from here on out we should, weather permitting, look pretty good with the field. The [groundskeeping] guys are doing an amazing job."

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