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Margaret Wente (Curtis Lantinga)

Margaret Wente

(Curtis Lantinga)

Earlier discussion

Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente Add to ...

Margaret Wente asked the question "Why are bloggers male?" in her recent column, and set off a firestorm of debate.

Commenters responded en masse with a mostly singular response: "they aren't." Female bloggers across Canada did what comes naturally and responded with their own posts. Annie Urban from www.phdinparenting.com notes that her blog is one of the 2,500 woman-written blogs that are part of the BlogHer network, which reaches more than 20 million people each month. "According to a BlogHer, ivillage and Compass Partners survey conducted in June 2009, there were 79 million female Internet users in the United States and 10% of them (8 million) write their own blogs," Ms. Urban writes. "I don't have comparative statistics for Canada, but from my experience, I expect it is very much the same. Women are blogging. Why aren't you reading them Margaret? "I'm no stranger to having guys try to mansplain things to me, but I certainly don't think women are lacking in opinions or in a willingness to share them. I have been opinionated all of my life and have been sharing that opinion with the world on my blog for two years. I write about research, politics and societal issues surrounding parenting, mothering and feminism."

Ms. Urban points out that Ms. Wente recently wrote a column about the gender gap in Canada, and that while "I can't identify with Wente's assertion that bloggers are overwhelmingly men, I can offer a partial explanation for that nightmare gender gap she was talking about. "When influential women are ignorant to the numerous women's voices on the Internet, when the voices of many women are dismissed as endearing, cute and girly, and when the voices of those women who are most oppressed are ignored altogether, that gender gap is perpetuated. Thank you, Margaret, for proving your own point about how hard it is to change the conversation." In her blog, MOM Magazine founder (and self-described potty-mouthed blogger) Tamara Plant blasted Ms. Wente's assertion that women are too demure to blog with the big boys, writing: "Nine times out of 10 I don't think before I talk. It's called having an attitude and I'm OK with it."

Ms. Plant, Ms. Urban and Ms. Wente tackled the issue of whether or not blogging truly is best left to the guys. Click on the grey box to replay the conversation, or read the transcript below:

<iframe src="http://www.coveritlive.com/index2.php/option=com_altcaster/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=997c339f69/height=650/width=600" scrolling="no" height="650px" width="600px" frameBorder ="0" allowTransparency="true" ><a href="http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=997c339f69" >Margaret Wente chats with women bloggers</a></iframe>
The Globe and Mail: Welcome to our columnist, Margaret Wente, and our bloggers who are joining us today: Annie Urban from www.phdinparenting.com and Tamara Plant from MOM Magazine

12:03 [Comment From phdinparentingphdinparenting: ]

Good afternoon

12:04 [Comment From MOMmagRocksMOMmagRocks: ]

Hey there

12:04 [Comment From MOMmagRocksMOMmagRocks: ]

How is everyone today?

12:05 phdinparenting: Not bad. How are you Tamara?

12:05 MOMmagRocks: Fantastic :D pleasure to meet you!

12:05 Margaret Wente: Hi all. I'm looking forward to this one. I can't tell you how many people have been telling me how wrong I am. So let me open it up to you first, and then I'll give you the first word.

12:06 [Comment From shoeism shoeism : ]

Hello, and good afternoon to you too.

12:06 phdinparenting: Thanks Margaret. A lot of people in my community have said you know very well that it isn't true that most bloggers are male and that you wrote this just for the page views. I'm not one to make that type of accusation, because it is made frequently of me too, but I do wonder why you didn't spend 5 minutes checking your facts?

12:06 [Comment From notlightnorchromanotlightnorchroma: ]

What a stir-em-up Margaret!

12:06 MOMmagRocks: LOL yes you did create quite the controversy Margaret... from my point of view, it made women look like helpless creatures who don't say naughty words or are willing to offend anyone *waving* over here...

12:07 [Comment From Heather Lowell JanssenHeather Lowell Janssen: ]

I'm always looking forward to hearing from Tamara.

12:07 MOMmagRocks: Why didn't you just google female bloggers, Margaret?

12:07 [Comment From NickNick: ]

Has ms. Wente not seen the movie Julie and Julia? I doubt there are any male bloggers famous enough to have a movie made about ther.

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