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Margaret Wente (Curtis Lantinga)

Margaret Wente

(Curtis Lantinga)

Earlier discussion

Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente Add to ...

12:19 Margaret Wente: On men blogging: Among many of the male bloggers I know -- especially the ultra successful ones -- there's a sort of rivalry to see how much stuff they can pump out, how quickly. That's really a guy thing, don't you think?

12:19 phdinparenting: I agree Tamara. Not everyone is an expert or a writer. There are great blogs and not so great blogs. Just like there are great journalists and not so great journalists. Some how though, the not so great journalists keep getting paid.

12:19 MOMmagRocks: No, I don't agree with that Margaret, because I like to battle. Doesn't matter with who, but I won't give the time of day to a meek pansy - woman or man.

12:20 phdinparenting: Margaret: I haven't seen that type of rivalry among either the male or female bloggers that I read. But perhaps that is because I don't read the ultra-competitive shooting off at the mouth type of blog!

12:20 MOMmagRocks: I argue all the time with the comments and with people who hate my magazine - it just adds fuel to my passion. If you have no passion, you have no fun!

12:20 [Comment From JennJenn: ]

Uh oh. I suffer from Male Answer Syndrome.

12:20 phdinparenting: There is certainly some jealousy around the size of the community that some bloggers have managed to generate (comment envy?), but I don't see much competition around pumping out a certain number of posts.

12:21 MOMmagRocks: On the same note, I could care less what other "mommy magazine" bloggers are doing because they're not doing it the way I do. So I don't see them as competition

12:21 MOMmagRocks: Yup PHD, comment envy is big...

12:21 phdinparenting: Lemon Hound: What types of arguments? I'll argue with you if I think it is important, but I won't argue for argument's sake.

12:21 MOMmagRocks: g got 14987 comments so that makes me freakin AWESOME

12:22 [Comment From joeboughnerjoeboughner: ]

Ok seriously? "That's really a guy thing, don't you think?" No, I don't think. That's a broad and baseless allegation based on your limited experience with bloggers. Back that up, please. Show us some evidence.

12:22 MOMmagRocks: I think the underlying problem is that you made it sound like women are too important and so much better than men to get into a fight or throw down in a blog... we're so busy getting our nails done and doing laundry to do anything of any importance

12:23 MOMmagRocks: And THAT p*ssed me off

12:24 MOMmagRocks: Again, just being honest here, but women are catty by nature... they like to gossip, be malicious and scratch each other's eyes out (Mean Girls, anyone?) A blog is the perfect forum for that

12:24 phdinparenting: I don't think it is worth getting pissed off about (personally), but I get irked when a newspaper that I otherwise respect publishes yet another article full of misconceptions about female bloggers.

12:24 MOMmagRocks: Ah, but pHD, that's when I start getting passionate (its a scorpio thing)...

12:25 MOMmagRocks: *crickets*

12:26 [Comment From amotherworldamotherworld: ]

Among many of the female bloggers, there is also a bit of competition so it's not just a guy thing.

12:26 [Comment From joeboughnerjoeboughner: ]

I'm seeing all kinds of good discussion around the differences between certain types of bloggers, certain types of blogs and certain types of commenters. Not a single one is divided on gender lines.

12:26 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

This chat clearly exemplifies that women have opinions, and can articulate them

12:26 Margaret Wente: To be honest, I don't think anyone really knows how many female vs. male blogger there are, or how many people read what types of blogs. I'm mainly interested in commentary on current events, and I'm not a mommy, so my blog reading skews heavily male. Women certainly don't blog on current events in the same proportions as men, possibly because, as many of them have suggested to me, they have better things to do (and blog about).

12:26 MOMmagRocks: Ah amotherworld, I concur... there IS a competition... but its only competitive if you actually care what the other mommy bloggers are doing

12:26 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

I agree PHD >> i think there's more serious journalism issues here than the male-female discussion

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