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Margaret Wente (Curtis Lantinga)

Margaret Wente

(Curtis Lantinga)

Earlier discussion

Female bloggers take on Margaret Wente Add to ...

12:45 [Comment From Guest Guest : ]

There are a number of prolific Canadian women microblogging (on twitter) as well about news about politics. @RosieBarton, @kady, @impolitical all good examples.

12:45 MOMmagRocks: Sorry to break the rules, Margaret, but I do not worry nor do I care about what other ppl think, especially when I'm blogging or publishing... don't like it, don't read it

12:45 [Comment From amy_boughner amy_boughner : ]

MOMmag I think the point should probably be 'how dare you generalize about human beings that way'

12:45 phdinparenting: I'm not usually one to comment on mainstream news articles online on their websites. I find the conversations there are generally pretty infantile. I prefer to take the discussion to my blog and also send it as a letter to the editor.

12:45 MOMmagRocks: And i think THAT'S why I am as well-received as I am

12:46 MOMmagRocks: yes, phd, I agree. I'd rather send an email or chat with the editor...

12:46 phdinparenting: Back to the issue of current events, one of my followers on twitter just made an important point. Who is it that defines what "current events" are? Isn't that generally defined by men? Perhaps the problem is that the current events that are of interest to the vast majority of women are not considered important current events.

12:47 MOMmagRocks: Well, personally I'm sick of Tiger, Jesse James and the rest of the celebrity crap which I don't consider Top News ...

12:47 phdinparenting: You can read her wonderful blog on many important issues here: http://hoydenabouttown.com/

12:48 [Comment From Jeff Hume Jeff Hume : ]

Margaret, I don't see how your job as a generalizing, opining, columnist is different from what bloggers do. You're drawing an arbitrary distinction and looking down from on high.

12:48 [Comment From Guest Guest : ]

My goodness, the sexism and gender essentialism going on here is breathtaking. Is it really necessary to make sweeping statements about *any* gender?

12:49 MOMmagRocks: Hey Jeff, good point but she has a major newspaper backing her AND is a legit journalist. Most bloggers are not

12:49 [Comment From Loulou Loulou : ]

Hey all... my thoughts on this issue: http://tinyurl.com/ylplvzm

12:49 [Comment From amotherworld amotherworld : ]

Jeff Hume - well said.

12:49 phdinparenting: Jack Spratt: Give me a moment and I'll find the link.

12:49 [Comment From Bernie Bernie : ]

Jeff- there is a huge difference between a newspaper and blogging.

12:49 [Comment From amy_boughner amy_boughner : ]

Let's not forget that there's a difference between a columnist and a journalist

12:50 MOMmagRocks: Yes, Bernie and amy, there is... legit journalists vs columinist vs bloggers.. its SUCH a different forum

12:50 [Comment From Guest Guest : ]

Canadian Women Bloggers include Renee @ Womanist Musings, Catie Cat @ Shakesville, Anna @ FWD/Forward, Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome, Jaded Old Hippy - there are Canadian Women Political Blogger Awards every year as well.

12:51 [Comment From Margaret Wente Margaret Wente : ]

is my job different from what bloggers do? Yes, in a couple of ways. It's far more structured. I do it three times a week, and it's longer than the average blog, so it has to have a structure and an extended argument. It has to pass muster with my editors (who DO give me tremendous freedom), and it has to be popular with a whole lot of readers. It's also got to be intelligent, informed and well written -- although whether it always meets those standards is of course a subject of some debate.

12:52 [Comment From Shari Shari : ]

Not all bloggers are floggers. Some Mommy bloggers are literate,insightful and funny. My 24 yr old follows feminist/antitracist bloggers. I follow crafters/cookers/social scientists/journalist/economists/travelers/science blogs, and don't care if they're by women or men. As for Mommagrocks and phdinparenting, if their blogs are as shallow as their comments here I will not read them.

12:52 MOMmagRocks: Wow, Margaret, you think quite highly of yourself don't you...

12:53 MOMmagRocks: That last column was not intelligent, well written OR informed

12:53 MOMmagRocks: which is why we are here

12:53 Margaret Wente: Do I think highly of myself? I will tell you a secret. Most newspaper columnists are incredibly insecure. I do think very highly of The Globe and Mail and its readers.

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