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globe poetry

Bad ideas that would probably sell

Camouflage diapers.

Hummingbird cacciatore.

Hamster camp.

Stationary tricycles.

Diet ice.

Iffy similes

Classy as a cruise ship.

Patient as a pimp.

Simple as a snowflake.

Sexy as an ankh.

Green as the Green Zone.

Cozy as a coffin.

Friendly as fire.

Easy is as easy does.

Better by moonlight

Equestrian statues.


The Grand Canyon.

Sex after forty.

Lawn furniture.

Travel plans.

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Rare things

Flattering harem pants.

Solitary bedbugs.

Perfect rhymes for angst.

A perfectly ripe peach.

Wise fools.

A couple who remember the same fights.

To mark National Poetry Month, Globe Arts will publish original new poems throughout the month of April.

These excerpts are taken from Suzanne Buffam's new collection, A Pillow Book, copyright © 2016. Reproduced with permission from House of Anansi Press, Toronto.