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A private school in San Antonio, Tex., apparently doesn't find clean-cut teen idols the Backstreet Boys as wholesome as most folks do, since the institution suspended four of its students last week for seeing the group in concert. Three students at Sunnybrook Christian Academy served one-day punishments for going to a March 1 show. The mother of the fourth withdrew her son from the school.

Sunnybrook Christian Academy maintains a policy against "involvement in inappropriate music or dancing," according to school administrator Trudie Perez. "Our conduct must be moral and upright 24 hours a day," Perez told MTV.

"Inappropriate music would be anything that would promote values that would be contrary to biblical values," Perez said. "We promote abstinence until marriage, so any music that would have any type of sexual content would be deemed inappropriate." The Backstreet Boys' hit Everybody (Backstreet's Back),from their self-titled 1996 debut, asks, "Am I sexual?" And the song If You Want to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy),from the same album, includes the lyrics, "If you really like it hot/ Get someone who hits the spot."

Perez estimated that the school had been suspending students for attending secular concerts as far back as 1983. Most recently, a student was punished for watching a show by Latin-pop sensation Ricky Martin, she said.

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