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Vince Vaughn’s Dan Trunkman is pushed too far by his boss, and thus forms his own tiny firm who all travel to Europe to close an important deal.Jessica Miglio

The satisfying Euro-romping comedy Unfinished Business is the latest instalment of the safe acting plan of Vince Vaughn's, a tall, fast-talking drink of risk-averse actor who portrays a distracted family man and capable, underdog salesman.

We've seen this before – a stiff pour of Vaughn, with equal parts Horrible Bosses and The Hangover. When Vaughn's Dan Trunkman is pushed too far by his domineering boss (Sienna Miller), he forms his own tiny firm, with a sex-seeking, endearing imbecile (Dave Franco) and a sex-seeking, retirement-aged Brit (Tom Wilkinson). The three are fishes out of water in Germany, where a business trip goes woolly.

Not without charm, Unfinished Business mixes the cute with the raunchy. Penises adorably happen. But besides the schlongenfreude, there's a subtext about how-did-I-get-here lives, and righting oneself before it's too late. Is the star himself listening?