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film review

Leap 4 Your Life.

A mockumentary which owes much to Christopher Guest, Leap 4 Your Life follows a dysfunctional teenage dance team to the big annual community dance competition. Hilary (Allie Bertram) is the can-do-no-wrong team star; Brooke (Mackenzie Porter) is her talented and much nicer perpetual runner-up; Molly (Taylor Hill, who also wrote the screenplay and is a producer on the film) is the team's weak link; Matt (Reece Thompson) is the token guy, with big troubles at home; and Maureen (April Telek) is the take-no-prisoners coach. While some of the situations and dialogue are eye-rollingly cliché ("not only is she a talented dancer but she'll also make a wonderful trophy wife one day"), this Vancouver-shot feature is great fun with some solid performances (Ms. Porter is particularly strong, as is Peter Benson as Matt's too-nice dad) and hilarious songs that you'd be best not to sing on your way out of the theatre. Beyond some solid escapism, this project announces Taylor Hill as a talent to watch.

At VIFF: Sept. 30, 6:30 p.m., Rio (world premiere); Oct. 10, 2 p.m., Cinematheque