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Meryl Streep is interviewed in Tom Donahue-directed documentary This Changes Everything.Level Films/Handout

  • This Changes Everything
  • Directed by Tom Donahue
  • Classification: PG; 96 minutes


3 out of 4 stars

Representation matters. Most of us have heard that before, but obviously not nearly enough since women in Hollywood continue to be under and misrepresented. And so this is the basis on which This Changes Everything exists. Using first-person interviews with industry juggernauts hailing from acting, directing and production worlds, the Tom Donahue-directed feature-length documentary emphasizes just how much work there is left to do before equality in the industry is realized.

Chloë Grace Moretz's interview for the feature-length documentary that emphasizes how much work there is left to do before equality in the industry is realized.Level Films/Handout

But it does more than just draw our attention to the issues at hand, and the way women continue to suffer because of them. On top of unveiling the history of systemic misogyny in film and television, the feature’s stars offer solutions, unveil action plans and hammer home the examples of what greatness comes when Hollywood chooses to embrace women, people of colour and non-binary folk.

Ultimately, This Changes Everything is a mainline to the first-hand experience of those who work and exist outside the white male umbrella. And because of that, it’s an exercise in storytelling that evolves quickly into a valuable lesson for anyone who purports to be a feminist, an ally or a film and television lover. You’ll never watch either the same way again.

This Changes Everything opens Aug. 30

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