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anchors away

Lloyd Robertson is CTV's chief anchor and senior editor.

The departure of Lloyd Robertson from CTV National News leaves the anchor seat on Canada's most-watched newscast wide open. Who's likely to fill it? These could be the top contenders.

Lisa LaFlamme

The TV news veteran has subbed for Mr. Robertson regularly and put in years for CTV on Canada AM. She's also a strong reporter on live news events, as evinced in her recent work on CTV's coverage of the turbulence in downtown Toronto during the G20.

Seamus O'Regan

Sure, he's young (39), but the Canada AM host has the calm demeanour necessary for the anchor desk. He's also a very good interviewer and even played himself once on an episode of Corner Gas.

Kevin Newman

Along with Lloyd Robertson and CBC's Peter Mansbridge, he's regarded as one of the top news anchors in the country. Very accomplished on air and with extended stints on CBC, ABC and Global. Mr. Newman announced his own retirement from Global several weeks back, ostensibly to spend more time with his family. Gearing up for the big league?

Tom Clark

A rock-solid reporter, Mr. Clark worked in CTV's China Bureau in the 1980s and was the first Canadian journalist to interview former U.S. president George W. Bush on television and put in his time as senior correspondent on W-Five. He's also got a terrific head of hair, in case that helps.

Sandie Rinaldo

Sturdy and poised, Ms. Rinaldo has been filling in for Lloyd Robertson, as well as doing weekend anchor duty, for three decades. At 60, she might not even want the job, but she's still at the top of her game: Several months back, she was the first TV journalist to predict the breakout success of Justin Bieber on a Canada AM report.