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An example of a redesigned Globe and Mail front page.The Globe and Mail

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The world is changing. So is The Globe.

In our global, connected world, a printed newspaper is only one of many ways our readers stay informed. As your needs and habits change, so, too, must The Globe.

Starting December 1, you will see a new Globe and Mail newspaper. Like our website and news apps redesigned earlier this fall, the redesigned newspaper has been informed and inspired by our audience insight and feedback from our readers.

It reflects our enduring commitment to newsprint, and to providing you with trusted, original, world-class journalism.

At every stage of the redesign, we asked ourselves, "how can we best serve our print newspaper readers in a digital age?"

The result is a newspaper designed to provide maximum flexibility to tell the stories that need to be told with the insight and analysis only The Globe and Mail can provide.

Here are some of the changes you'll experience:

Two expanded sections Monday to Thursday, when your time is at a premium and trusted news and analysis is most urgent:

  • News, Life and Arts are in the A Section
  • Business, Investing and Sports are in the B Section
  • Major news stories are grouped together with analysis and opinion to provide deeper context around the day’s headlines
  • Later deadlines for Business news means you’ll see improved coverage of after-the-bell business decisions and overseas markets
  • B.C. and Toronto news move to the A Section Monday through Saturday, with additional dedicated pages for Alberta and Quebec news on Saturdays
  • Sports coverage will continue to focus on the intersection between sport and culture, brought to life through stunning photography and compelling storytelling
  • Film Friday moves to the A Section so we can bring you more timely reviews of what’s new in film
  • Drive, available to Metro readers, moves from Thursdays to Fridays

A new national Real Estate section every Friday reflects our readers' strong interest in real estate news and offers coverage of key markets across Canada.

A new Opinion section every Saturday will provide our readers with a greater diversity of voices, challenging perspectives and more point-of-view journalism, along with their favourite columnists.

A new Pursuits section every Saturday, containing Books, Travel, Style, Food, Wine, and Puzzles will help readers make the most of their leisure time with inspirational, aspirational and entertaining lifestyle news.

Plus your weekend favourites:

A standalone Saturday Arts section: Look for broadened coverage of performance art, TV and music, as well as a deeper look at the news and institutions driving arts and culture in Canada.

A standalone Saturday Sports section: Discover the people and institutions who make sport happen, as we take you beyond the field of play with eye-popping photography, sharp commentary and long-form storytelling.

A standalone Report on Business Section: Get a deeper perspective on the business week in Section B and discover new weekend features, long-form stories and opinion and analysis.

A robust, standalone News Section: Get news from Canada and beyond in Section A, plus find dedicated pages for regional news in British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto and Quebec.

We know adjusting to these changes may take a bit of time. If you need help, please call our customer support team at 1-855-813-6111 or visit

If you want to learn more about the design process, please visit

Go here to read a note on the redesign from Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley.

The world is changing. So is The Globe. Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley shares future plans for The Globe and Mail.