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Globe Investor is pleased to now offer Wealthscope - a powerful and easy-to-use portfolio analytics tool. Wealthscope is free for our Portfolio users who are Globe Unlimited subscribers.

The goal is to help Globe readers make better decisions, and holistically understand how they can expect their portfolio to perform in market conditions both good and bad.

What is Wealthscope?

Rob Carrick describes Weathscope as a “second opinion on your investment portfolio.”

Embedded directly within Portfolio, Wealthscope reads your portfolio and assigns it a numeric score and letter-grade (A-F) across five categories:

  • Overall Score
  • Performance
  • Downside Protection
  • Fees
  • Income
  • Diversification

Each individual score is out of 100 for the specific time period in question. A higher score always is always better. Scores for Performance and Downside Protection are contrasted against domestic and global benchmarks that best match underlying investments.

Weathscope stresses the importance of total portfolio management: how the different pieces of a portfolio work together to diversify risk and achieve the desired investment objectives.

How does Wealthscope work?

Wealthscope is embedded within the Globe Investor Portfolio tool. To activate, simply click the “Analytics” button next to “Transactions” and “Holdings”.

Wealthscope reads your investments and purchase sizes within your portfolio to generate a report inside your browser. Wealthscope can also be downloaded into a PDF document that has been optimized for printing.

To protect the integrity of the statistical analysis, Wealthscope implements the following rules when analyzing your portfolio:

  • All securities with more than 60 months of history are included. Otherwise the following are excluded:
  • Securities with less than 36 months of history; or
  • Securities with 36-59 months of history and collectively weigh less than 10%
  • If a passive ETF has insufficient history, but there is a close substitute, the latter will be used. For those with short history, the underlying index returns (minus MER) prior to inception is factored.

Wealthscope includes data for Canadian and US stocks, Canadian and US ETFs, and Canadian mutual funds. Any other securities (such as bonds, options, etc.) will be excluded from the analysis. U.S. dollar accounts are converted to Canadian dollars.

Is Wealthscope secure?

The Portfolio-Wealthscope integration has been purposely designed to process data anonymously.

In the data analysis process, Portfolio intentionally shares the absolute minimum with Wealthscope. Specifically no Globe and Mail account information is provided, nor anything specific to Portfolio account information (backend configurational or Portfolio names entered by user). The only data shared – and done so anonymously - are security symbols and the number of shares.

Each time a user runs the analytics report for a portfolio - even the same portfolio - completely randomized identifiers and names are sent to Wealthscope.

Who is Wealthscope?

Wealthscope is a service of PW Portfolio Analytics Inc., a privately-owned financial technology company in Toronto. The team includes Pauline Shum-Nolan, a professor of finance with 20+ years as Professor of Finance and building professional programs. Weathscope has expertise in applied statistics, portfolio management, and big data analytics. For more information, please visit

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