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The Canadian ETF industry reached a new record high of $200-billion in assets under management at the end of November. With flows of approximately $24-billion year-to-date, 2019 is set to be another historical year for the industry. The product line-up continues to expand with new products from Evolve Funds and TD Asset Management. Meanwhile, Horizons ETFs announced that it will lower the cost of three ETFs.

Horizons slashed fees on its Equal Weight Banks, REIT and Canadian Preferred Share Index ETFs, effective December 1, 2019. The updated management fees make HLPR, HCRE and HEWB the lowest-cost ETFs in Canada for these respective exposures – preferred shares, Canadian REITs and equal weight Canadian banks.

Fee reduction

HLPR-THorizons Laddered Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF0.40%0.30%
HCRE-THorizons Equal Weight Canada REIT Index ETF0.50%0.30%
HEWB-THorizons Equal Weight Canada Banks Index ETF0.45%0.30%

TD Asset Management Inc. launched a suite of ten active ETFs covering fixed income, asset allocation, real estate and quantitative investing.

TD Income Builder ETF (“TPAY”) is a one-stop solution that brings TDAM’s strong tactical management expertise and broad fixed income capabilities within the convenient structure of a professionally managed asset allocation ETF.

TD Active Global Real Estate Equity ETF (“TGRE”) is an actively managed, globally diversified Real Estate Equity ETF. TGRE benefits from the real estate investment expertise at TDAM and focuses on delivering total return with lower volatility.

TD Q Global Multifactor ETF (“TQGM”) is a core, global equity ETF solution that focuses on offering investors exposure to highly sought-after factors such as low volatility and yield, as well as factors designed to drive performance such as value and momentum, helping to create opportunities for better risk-adjusted returns.

TD also launched four other active fixed income ETFs and three quantitative ETFs. The portfolio adviser utilizes a quantitative equity strategy to identify and optimize exposure to stocks that have above-average dividend yields and/or issuers that are expected to pay out increasing dividends over time for TD Q Canadian Dividend ETF (“TQCD”) and TD Q Global Dividend ETF (“TQGD”). The portfolio adviser seeks to achieve the fundamental investment objective of TD Q U.S. Small-Mid-Cap Equity ETF by utilizing a quantitative equity strategy that exploits market inefficiencies related to the pricing and valuations of securities in order to add value.

November ETF launches

HISA-NEOHigh Interest Savings Account ETFCash11/21/20190.15%
LIFE.U-TEvolve Global Healthcare Enhanced Yield Fund - USD UnitsEquity11/27/20190.45%
CALL.U-TEvolve US Banks Enhanced Yield Fund - USD UnitsEquity11/27/20190.45%
TPAY-TTD Income Builder ETFMulti-Asset11/26/20190.40%
TGRE-TTD Active Global Real Estate Equity ETFEquity11/26/20190.65%
TQGM-TTD Q Global Multifactor ETFEquity11/26/20190.40%
TCLB-TTD Canadian Long Term Federal Bond ETFFixed Income11/26/20190.20%
TULB-TTD U.S. Long Term Treasury Bond ETFFixed Income11/26/20190.20%
TUHY-TTD Active U.S. High Yield Bond ETFFixed Income11/26/20190.55%
TGFI-TTD Active Global Income ETFFixed Income11/26/20190.55%
TQCD-TTD Q Canadian Dividend ETFEquity11/26/20190.35%
TQGD-TTD Q Global Dividend ETFEquity11/26/20190.40%
TQSM-TTD Q U.S. Small-Mid Cap Equity ETFEquity11/26/20190.40%

Source: Inovestor

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