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Valnet Inc. completes the acquisition of

Business Wire - Tue Jul 26, 2022

Valnet Inc. (or “Valnet”) has successfully completed the acquisition of (“Pocket-lint”), a leading digital tech publication based out of the UK. Pocket-lint started with a small team of professional journalists nearly 20 years ago and has since expanded its coverage to include news, reviews, opinions and guides on all things consumer tech.

As per Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint founder: “I’m really excited by the opportunities the sale brings and how it will allow Pocket-lint to continue to grow, develop, and go on to achieve bigger and better things without disrupting the dynamic of the amazing team in place.

This latest acquisition is highly complementary to Valnet’s tech portfolio, which includes notable tech sites,, and

About Valnet Inc.

Driven by passion and performance, Valnet’s overarching goal is to create and distribute content to millions of users daily across its brands. With c.4 billion sessions per year, Valnet is the leading digital content investment company that owns and operates a diversified portfolio of premier digital publishing assets across multiple verticals.


Pocket-lint was founded by Stuart Miles in 2003 with a vision of entertaining and informing consumers about tech that matters. The site is also a member of the Trust Project, an independent organization that advocates for news transparency and editorial integrity. Millions of readers trust and consume Pocket-lint’s authoritative content and is also often quoted by large media outlets and tech brands. was represented by Darren Murphy, from Rafalie Corporate Finance.

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