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GE Aerospace(GE-N)

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GE Aerospace Raises Dividend By 250%

Baystreet - Mon Apr 8, 8:02AM CDT

GE Aerospace (GE) has announced that it is raising its quarterly dividend payment to stockholders by 250%.

Beginning on April 15, General Electric Aerospace will pay a quarterly dividend of $0.28 U.S. per share, up from $0.08 U.S. a share previously.

The big dividend increase comes after General Electric successfully broke itself into three separate publicly traded companies: GE HealthCare Technologies (GEHC), energy business GE Vernova (GEV) and GE Aerospace (GE).

GE Aerospace retains the traditional industrial business of General Electric, including making aircraft engines. GE Aerospace also retains the company’s “GE” ticker symbol.

At an analyst event held in New York City in March, General Electric outlined plans to return 75% of its free cash flow to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock repurchases once the three-way split was completed.

GE Aerospace expects to generate more than $5 billion U.S. in 2024 free cash flow, which implies more than $3.7 billion U.S. to distribute to shareholders.

The dividend payout of $0.28 U.S. a share will amount to about $300 million U.S. this year.

General Electric completed its spin-off of GE Vernova, the power-generation business, on April 2 of this year. The healthcare business was separated in 2023.

GE Aerospace’s stock has gained 107% over the last 12 months and currently trades at $156.30 U.S. per share.

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