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Winter is coming this spring for first-time home buyers

Affordability is under assault on two fronts as the busy spring buying season approaches – prices are soaring and interest rates are set to start rising from their pandemic lows. ‘Winter is coming’ is a phrase from the Game of Thrones fantasy series that foretells of dark times ahead. How appropriate for home buyers.

The average Toronto house price jumped 28.6 per cent in January over the same month last year to $1.2-million, while the benchmark Vancouver price rose 18.5 per cent to $1.3-million. Later in February, we’ll hear about what’s happening in the many other cities across the country where prices have been on the boil.

Rising rates should weigh on this price growth, but this will take time. In the near term, we could easily have parallel rising trends in the cost of buying homes and in the cost of financing these purchases.

What’s it like to try and buy a house in this environment? We want to tell the story in the next season of our Stress Test personal finance podcast for Gen Z and millennials. To do it, we need the help of first-time buyers. We’d like to hear your impressions as you navigate new listings, open houses, bidding wars, bully bids and zero-condition offers. If you’re willing to talk to us, please contact my Stress Test co-host, Globe personal finance editor Roma Luciw, at

We also want to delve into the very real fear of missing out for aspiring young home owners. The term FOMO is sometimes used in a patronizing way that suggests people are following the herd. But with both prices and rates heading higher, it’s realistic to be afraid you’ll never get a house if you don’t buy now.

Through four seasons, home ownership has been a much-discussed topic on Stress Test. We’ve looked at parents helping their adult kids with down payment money, at buyers leaving expensive cities to find cheaper houses elsewhere and at the key things buyers need to know. Next up is what could very well be an epic spring home buying season.

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A: Check out the Globe and Mail ETF Tax Guide for help matching your ETFs to the right type of account to save on tax.

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