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The Globe and Mail Retirement Forum is a place for subscribers of all ages to ask questions about retirement and receive answers from a community that includes actual retirees. Personal finance columnist Rob Carrick will also weigh in. Want to know what works in retirement from a money and lifestyle perspective? This is the place. Send questions to

In this edition, we cover one of the most important retirement decisions – when to start Canada Pension Plan retirement benefits. Some background: The standard age for starting CPP is 65, but you can begin as early as 60 with a reduced payment or delay as long as 70 for an enhanced payment. The Globe has published several articles in recent years from actuaries Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald and Fred Vettese describing the benefits of delaying to 70. Recently, Mr. Vettese argued that the pandemic only strengthens the case for delaying CPP.

Now, let’s hear from Globe and Mail readers about how they handled the decision on when to start CPP retirement benefits. What age did you choose, and what was your rationale? Any lessons to share with other retirees?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.