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With Gaggenau’s expert appliances, even professional chefs would love this kitchen designed for a home chef


With Gaggenau's expert appliances, even professional
chefs would love this kitchen designed for a home chef

“In the meticulous process of crafting luxury spaces, every decision is a brushstroke on a clean canvas,” says Rose Barroso, director of Barroso Custom Homes. Distinguished for designing artful modern residences, Barroso makes countless decisions every day, from choosing lighting to determining layouts, carefully tailoring each choice to suit the homeowners’ unique likes and lifestyle. There are countless variables to consider, but her foundational elements stay the same: precision, artistry and timeless style – characteristics she knows Gaggenau brings to every project as well.

Germany’s leading brand of professional-grade home appliances, Gaggenau personifies the integration of professional cooking, aesthetics and craftsmanship, offering the elegant style and advanced technologies Barroso considers essential.

“Gaggenau is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail,” she says. “These are the cornerstones of crafting residences that not only meet but exceed the expectations of discerning clientele, offering a lifestyle marked by opulence, comfort and a forward-thinking approach to modern living.”
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So when Barroso began conceptualizing a modern home she was building in a leafy Toronto neighbourhood, she naturally turned to Gaggenau for inspiration. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, Barroso begins each project there, shaping the design to suit each homeowner’s unique lifestyle. Do they have kids? Do they like to entertain? Do they love to cook or bake? “Very personal situations should influence how your kitchen looks and functions, so it truly services how you live,” says Barroso. In this case, however, she started before a client was attached to the project, giving herself the opportunity to design the kitchen as she pleased. Essentially, Borroso became her own dream client. “It was a chance to try new things and really go for it,” she says.

If Barroso designs homes starting with the kitchen, she designs kitchens starting with the appliances. Space was plentiful, allowing her to add every appliance on her ultimate kitchen wish list. To give a home chef the tools they need to be quick and creative without ever having to compromise, Barroso included Gaggenau’s 30-inch wall oven and 24-inch microwave, and designed a cooktop that combines the Vario series 36-inch gas cooktop, 15-inch steamer, and 15-inch teppan yaki, which can sear at 465 F or gently keep food warm at a minimal setting.

“The teppan yaki handles everything from pancakes to grilled shrimp and vegetables or a perfect steak. There are no grills for food to fall through and it cleans up easily. It’s a must-have,” she says.

A busy family or frequent host will never run out of cold storage between the Gaggenau Vario 24-inch built-in stainless-steel refrigerator and 24-inch freezer, complimented by a Vario wine climate cabinet. The ultra-luxury brand’s fully automated built-in espresso machine ensures the first cup of the day is the best one. Every Gaggenau product is thoroughly vetted and tested before reaching the market – a meticulous development process that takes about five years to complete. “Gaggenau consistently incorporates cutting-edge technology into its appliances,” says Barroso.

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In addition to providing exceptional performance, Barroso set out to imbue the kitchen with a sense of glamour – an adjective not often associated with minimalism. “This is where everyone will hang out during parties, so it needed to be a kitchen in which you can be the consummate host,” she says. Given this, she chose finishing touches that are sleek and sophisticated. “Those characteristics needed to carry through to the appliances, as well as being super functional,” she adds. “Sleek and modern designs add a touch of luxury to a kitchen, and Gaggenau places a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of its appliances.”

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A 20-foot-long island invites people to gather and graze charcuterie boards with a glass of wine in hand. Like the counters and backsplash, the island is clad in a swirling grey marble that will naturally patina over time like the tabletops in a favourite French bistro. The stone surface is a warming counterpoint to the lacquered flat front cabinets Barroso chose for their simplicity, durability and shine.

Nestled in between the upper cabinets, Gaggenau’s 36-inch wall hood is an arresting focal point that visually links the cooking and cooling areas. Two downdraft vents in the cooktop offer additional ventilation. “I wanted to see the stainless steel because I love its contemporary look,” says Barroso.

“When you have carte blanche, you want to stretch yourself,” says Barroso. “This is my ideal kitchen. Nothing is missing! Nobody is ever going to say, ‘If I could, I would…’ There’s space to sit, store, cook, and celebrate, and the setting is sleek yet cozy, comfortable and glamourous. The design works hard to achieve minimal chaos.”

Before the house was finished, Barroso was photographed in the home for a profile piece about her company. A married couple – both doctors – read the article and reached out to her about buying the house. They loved the luxury-level design, particularly the professional look of the kitchen and Gaggenau appliances. When Barroso asked what they would like to change in the kitchen to suit their lifestyle, their answer was immediate: “Nothing, it’s perfect.”

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