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Do you wish you were fitter? If you're like most of the participants in the Canadian Health Measures Survey the answer is probably yes.

Whether you're just thinking about getting fit and aren't sure where to start or need some help changing up an old routine, personal trainer Kathleen Trotter can help.

Ms. Trotter wa online earlier to take your questions on getting fit. Leave your question in the comment function on this story or come back during the live hour to join the conversation.

Kathleen Trotter calls herself a former "chubby kid who always felt really awkward." Getting a membership to the YMCA for her grade 8 graduation put her on the road to fitness, and she hasn't looked back since. A graduate of York University, she is Can Fit Pro certified. Her clients have ranged from from people who simply want to tone up to athletes who want to train hardcore to individuals who want to lose weight to women who are prenatal. Ms. Trotter has worked as a personal trainer in Toronto for seven years. Her website is

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