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From storing junk to way cool: a Mad Men office space

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Interior renovation of 1961 North Toronto office tower owned by Park Property Management by Quadrangle Architects. The 2,000-square-foot, top-floor space is owned by Park Property Management and had been used by the building’s superintendent as a storage shed and workshop, filled with refrigerators, stoves, gym equipment found curbside, scraps of wood, and power tools. Quadrangle Architects’ interior design professionals were called in to see if there was any hope of rehabilitation and conversion to office space.

Bob Gundu

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The little glass pavilion with a zig-zaggy folded-concrete roof and sturdy terrazzo floors appealed to Quadrangle Principal Caroline Robbie, who remembers telling the owners: “Well, first of all, leave the ceiling alone, because it’s beautiful. ...That whole era of modernist architecture is really kind of lost, but there are people who know where it is in the city, and walking into this space it was, like, ahh, this is great!'

Bob Gundu

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Quadrangle’s Dyonne Fashina suggested a 'Mad Men theme,' and the pieces quickly fell into place, mindful of the owner’s programmatic requirements – a few private offices, workstations for a certain number of employees, and file storage for the 12 buildings that would be managed from here – as well as original features that couldn’t change, such as radiators, interior drainage pipes (folded plate roofs collect water that must be directed away) and roof access points.

Bob Gundu

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The light-filled, high-ceilinged 'living room' is populated by upholstered Charles Eames LCWs (Lounge Chair Wood), an Eames coffee table and an Eames Sofa Compact outfitted in Maharam’s 'Exaggerated Plaid' fabric by Paul Smith. 'My grandparents had a couch with this exact look,' offers Ms. Fashina. 'That was mid-century modern to me.' Underfoot, an area rug picks up tones from the terrazzo, and, overhead, a 'Sputnik' fixture adds a period-correct lighting flourish.

Bob Gundu

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One of two two private offices.

Bob Gundu

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A glamorous Mad Men powder room fit for a Joan Holloway crying jag with new 'Atomic Doodle' wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury and a bold brass faucet.

Bob Gundu

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The staff kitchen has dark walnut cabinets and cheap-and-cheerful backsplash tile. ‘Designs like this don’t have to blow the budget,' says Ms. Fashina. 'This project was under budget for construction and for the furniture.'

Bob Gundu

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