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Origami Chair by Cut & FoldAndrea Kordos and Tony Round

Leave it to architects: Andrea Kordos and Tony Round of Toronto architecture studio blackLAB started looking around to replace a lounge chair in their living room, they ended up starting their own furniture company. Last September marked the launch of Cut & Fold, a brand offering flat-packed furniture made from plywood and piano hinges, and inspired by paper craft. "We love the idea that you can take something as common and ubiquitous as a piece of paper and create something completely unique and beautiful with it – a hundred times over," Round says. With Kordos, he developed the Origami Chair: a sculptural lounger with a Baltic birch shell that unfurls onto the folded steel frame like magic. "The process of unfolding the chair and creating its final form is absolutely delightful," Round says. "We love the idea that the owner becomes part-creator of the chair while they unfold and reveal its shape."