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Megan Mensink is the Cambridge, Ont.-based founder of Folklor,Handout

The saying that diamonds are forever is a maxim that Megan Mensink takes to heart. As the founder of Folklor, based in Ontario’s Halton region, Mensink curates estate, vintage and antique jewellery for her online shop, reimagining preloved rings, bracelets, necklaces and more for her digital audience with a focus on sustainability as well as personal expression. “It’s so easy to be yourself, to show who you are and to introduce these pieces that have lived lives – sometimes many lives – and to really have fun with it,” she says.

Mensink has long had a personal appreciation for vintage styles and loves the thrill of the hunt, an activity she recognizes isn’t for everyone. “I wanted to take that on and find these treasures for people and present them in a way that felt fresh,” she says. For her, a big part of her curation process is seeing the potential in an item that may have become lost in the sands of time. “You have to envision who could wear this. How could it look if it’s shown some love? If it’s photographed properly? If it’s styled in a different way?”

As a Valentine’s Day gift, jewellery is hard to beat. Mensink believes that unique vintage pieces carry additional meaning and thought for that special someone. “When a partner goes out and seeks something that they think represents the person that they love and they can share what it was about that one piece that they thought would be perfect for their partner – it gives me goosebumps,” Mensink says.


Remarkable diamond ring, $7,750.

Megan Mensink/Handout

Folklor handcrafted charm holder, $800.

Megan Mensink/Handout

Captivating opal studs, $635.

Megan Mensink/Handout

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