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As the cold weather creeps in and, with it, more time spent indoor indoors, making the most of your personal space may be top of mind. Fragrance is an instant, affordable way to shift the mood of your home and there are a variety of products such as scented candles, potpourri and electric diffusers to help you infuse your space. Another option is the new portable scent pebble by Toronto-based fragrance company Lohn. While experimenting with ceramics for their Forage candle collection, Lohn founders Katerina Juskey and Victoria Mierzwa realized that the material would make a good complement to their essential oil blends.

To use the palm-sized vessel, simply add five to 10 drops of your favourite essential oil to the small divot on the top surface of the stone and inhale. “It’s not meant to fill up an entire room,. It’s something you can put by your bedside, deskside, in your car, in your drawers,” says Mierzwa, adding that it’s easily cleaned with soap and water. When working from home, I keep mine at my desk and bring it with me as I move throughout my apartment while working and relaxing in different spaces.


Lohn Scent Pebble, $19 through

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