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Dinner made by Nigella or a bowl of Weetabix? Her hubby prefers the latter

Nigella Lawson

Food Network

The harshest critics are often family: Nigella Lawson's husband prefers foods that come from a box to the creations of his domestic goddess wife.

Ms. Lawson tattled on her husband, advertising exec and art collector Charles Saatchi, at the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts this weekend. "He says there's nothing you can cook me that compares with Weetabix," she said, the BBC reported.

"My husband is only happy with things out of boxes," Ms. Lawson continued. She recounted cooking up a prawn dansak one night: Her husband told her it was "the most disgusting thing" he'd ever eaten.

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With a legion of salivating male fans, Ms. Lawson seems to take her husband's gastro rejections in stride. "I find it amusing," she told the Hay audience.

Less clear is how Goop queen Gwyneth Paltrow feels about her husband's culinary rebuffs.

Chris Martin's sulking was well documented at the launch of his wife's debut cookbook, My Father's Daughter.

The Coldplay frontman arrived cranky and a publicist warned, "he doesn't want to talk," according to the New Yorker's Lizzie Widdicombe.

"Amidst all the laughter, we picture Martin stewing the corner, displeased at having to make small talk with Martha Stewart and Mario Batali about canapes again," Popeater deliciously imagined.

Has your spouse ever dissed your efforts in the kitchen? Do they get the couch?

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