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Group of people in subway trainDarrin Klimek/Getty Images

You're riding around on the subway, playing Angry Birds and the next thing you know, your face is on the Internet.

You've just been "tube crushed."

If you're a man in London or New York who travels on the subway, you've just qualified to be on the newest incarnation of Candid Camera, called and

These are sites where people post cellphone photos of "hunks of the underground."

Whether it's listening to music, playing with smart phones or taking a snooze, every eerily intimate activity is captured.

The sites claim to pay homage to sexy subway travelers. "Here you can view pages of Tube Crush™ guys going about their daily lives often not knowing the joy they bring to their fellow passenger admirers," administrators of wrote under their "About us" page.

But it's not all sunshine and compliments for these men. Viewers are allowed to vote and comment on the images, meaning the men are not only the unsuspecting subjects of secretly snapped pics, but also the recipients of an impromptu public opinion poll on their appearance.

Though most comments are flattering. Take "Mr. White Shirt," whose caption reads:

"Dear White Shirt,

Thank you. You have made our day considerably better. Please also pass on our thanks to your good friends Good Hair, Impeccable Tan and Well Fitted Trousers. They have all performed outstandingly well on this occasion.

Kind regards,

Hot Flushes."

He has the highest rating on

Not into Mr. White Shirt? Luckily there are hundreds of photos showcasing a vast range of hotties.

But one thing you won't find on these sites? Women.

And for all of the up-skirt photos in the world, Gizomodo finds that these PG-rated, men-only shots aren't that bad.

"…It's certainly refreshing for an objectification site to not just be guys creeping on women all over the place," they write in one post.

So far no Canadian versions of this site have been unearthed, but if there's a market for one in Toronto, here's a suggested name: The Red Rocket's Romeos.

Are these sites creepy or flattering? What would you do if your photo or your friend's photo ended up on the site?