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Kite buggying in the Magdalen Islands, Que.Darryl Leniuk

What's the deal?

Travel at highway speeds in a wind-powered go-kart.

Where's it at?

For centuries, humans have harnessed the power of wind. One of the coolest new ways to ride the wind is the sport of kite buggying. Head to the Magdalen Islands, a sandy archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in August and September for warm, steady winds and empty beaches that make superb roadways.

Book a kite buggy lesson with Aerosport Kitesurfing ( and begin by learning how to handle the kite while standing on the shoreline, feeling its power and controlling its pull. Next, you'll ride tandem with your instructor as he gives tips while driving you down the beach. Finally, it's up to you to ride solo. With the kite held by hand, and the kart steered with your feet, the trick is controlling both in unison. Soon, you'll be cruising at up to 40 kilometres an hour, carving into the breaking waves for a cool splash. More advanced riders can launch their buggies skyward and perform aerial manoeuvres like 360 spins. The real speed demons descend on the dry lakebeds of Primm, Nev., for the annual North American Buggy Expo (NABX) where karts can top 120 km/h.

Who's it for?

Those who would rather career down a sandy beach than lay on it. A four-hour kite buggy lesson with Aerosport in the Magdalen Islands costs $125, including all equipment.

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