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Water bottle

In some parts of the world, it is absolutely necessary to drink bottled water. But if it’s not, do the planet, and your wallet, a favour and pack a reusable bottle. Worried about germs? Try one that self-cleans and purifies. Short on space? Go for a collapsible model.


While eating takeout is a great way to save time and money on the road – and sometimes unavoidable – it can be wasteful. Packing your own reusable cutlery is a bit of a bother, but keep in mind the big picture. It’s easier for you to rinse a fork than it is for a plastic fork to biodegrade.


On the same note, paper straws are quickly becoming ubiquitous in North America, less so in other destinations. The options available are endless – metal, glass, silicone, bent, straight or collapsible – and they take up basically zero space, so enough with the excuses.

Food bags

It’s always a good idea to carry snacks to stave off hangriness in case of travel delays. For the most ecofriendly option, head to a farmers’ market or a bulk-food store and keep your stash in reusable containers that fold flat.


Buy a tote bag specifically for travelling and just keep it in your suitcase. You will inevitably need one: Whether you’re buying souvenirs, packing a picnic or simply grabbing a book at the airport, it comes in handy. Try a collapsible one with a hook so you can always have it on you.

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