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Go carry-on only

Unless the trip dictates otherwise, Bob Buchanan, a Toronto-based Aeroplan million mile super elite member, never checks a bag. “If your flight is cancelled and you need to reroute or can catch an earlier flight, carry-on will make that much more doable. However, pack sensibly and respect the overhead space of others.”

Limit the paper

“How much paper do you really need in your briefcase?” asks Buchanan, who works as a sales and marketing manager. “We all have laptops and most stuff that you printed off are in an e-mail or a folder someplace. Set up a docs folder on your computer desktop or your tablet that relates to the business at hand.”

Select your seat

“Be absolutely sure that you have an assigned seat. I like aisle near the front to make a quick getaway and, if it’s a wide-body plane, aisle in the middle row of seats means that if you’re sleeping or clearly do not want to be bothered, the person in the middle seat will ask the other person to stand up.”

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Get your bearings

“Go to the gate as soon as you clear security or get off of a flight for a connection and confirm the flight destination and time. After that, get what you want for the flight or onward travel.” Has he ever made a mistake in 30 years of consistent travel? “I’ve been guilty of having the wrong time on my watch and missed a connecting flight – once.”

Stop for a refresh

“After an overnight flight – and if you won’t get to your destination hotel for a few hours – go to the airport hotel and ask for a day pass for the gym if it has shower facilities. A quick workout, shower and change will make your day much better.”

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