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January 27, 2022

Is tech’s market leadership over? Plus, why meme stocks lost their mojo, and the fascination over Pelosi’s portfolio

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Is tech’s market leadership over? Plus, why meme stocks lost their mojo, and the fascination over Pelosi’s portfolio - A roundup of investment ideas for active investors
Investors have become accustomed to equity benchmark performance dominated by a few mega cap stocks, as I discussed earlier this month. Importantly, however, things might be changing with cheaper, smaller cap, inflation-friendly market sectors replacing technology stocks as market leaders.
In conventional market capitalization weighted indices, changes in the stock price of Royal Bank of Canada affect S&P/TSX Composite Index benchmark returns 100 times more strongly than an equal percentage move in Cronus Group because of their relative size. In the less widely followed equal-weighted indexes, price moves in all stocks affect returns equally.
In a Wednesday research report, Scotiabank strategist Hugo Ste-Marie noted that average valuation levels for the S&P 500 equal weighted index have dropped to the historical average near 16 times. The market cap weighted S&P 500 still features a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 19.4 times, well above the long-term average of 15.5 times.
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So far in 2022, the equal weight S&P 500 has outperformed the conventional benchmark by 2.4 percentage points.
It is not, importantly, a foregone conclusion that the equal weighted index will continue to outperform the market cap weighted benchmark just because it is more attractively valued.
On the other hand, the technology stocks that dominate the cap weighted index benefitted from the low interest rate, slower growth environment of the past decade. The lack of profit growth outside of technology motivated investors to pile into a small number of tech giants that consistently generated strong year over year earnings growth.
Technology stocks are less well suited to the inflationary environment with rising interest rates that is expected in the coming months. Inflationary backdrops favour economically sensitive market sectors like energy, materials and consumer discretionary that have lagged over the past decade.
Changes in sector leadership can be painful for portfolios. The previous winners fade and new sectors, likely underweighted in most portfolios, outperform the benchmark as a whole. These investing environments provide more opportunity for active fund managers that can take advantage, and returns for market cap weighted index-tracking funds often stagnate.
The relative returns of cap weighted versus equal weighted benchmarks will offer key investor insights this year. Further outperformance by equal weighted benchmarks would signal an important change in performance leadership
-- Scott Barlow, Globe and Mail market strategist
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