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Get vital Cannabis industry news you won’t find anywhere else with Report on Business Cannabis Professional

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Report on Business Cannabis Professional is a new subscription-based email news service from The Globe and Mail.

Written specifically for cannabis industry insiders who need in-depth, reliable, and business-critical information to make better and informed decisions.

Delivered directly to your inbox Monday through Friday before 8:00am, in addition to breaking news alerts, Report on Business Cannabis Professional is designed to help you stay fully informed and make better business decisions as cannabis is legalized in Canada.

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Why subscribe to Report on Business Cannabis Professional?

Report on Business Cannabis Professional provides first access to industry reporting and analysis.

Available only through an annual subscription, it offers the day’s most salient news for insiders, including:

  • Timely reporting and analysis of financial activity such as mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity issuances, institutional investors and public company investment analysis
  • In depth coverage of Canadian municipal, provincial and federal policy cannabis legalization decisions
  • Profiles of key industry players and people moves
  • Business operations including real estate, distribution, marketing and branding and pricing
  • Innovation and developments in technology, production, logistics and more

Who should read Report on Business Cannabis Professional?

Report on Business Cannabis Professional is written specifically for the cannabis business community and speaks directly to:

  • Investors interested in cannabis
  • Executives at cannabis and affiliate companies
  • The institutional investment community
  • Canadian policy makers and enforcement officials
  • Financial and legal advisors
  • Growers, distributors and retailers
  • The international business community looking for insight into the Canadian market